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15,000 + miles between oil changes, really?  When your BMW was covered under a maintenance plan and BMW was paying for your oil changes, this was great for them, but not for your BMW.  In a perfect environment, this interval might be ok.  If you factor in humidity, varying temperatures (especially in New England), and different driving styles, your oil will certainly start to develop sludge and lose its lubricating ability.   On many newer models,  BMW has recently reverted back to a 10,000 mile interval.  My recommendation on oil change intervals is every 6 months or 7,500 miles.

BMW Service Icons:  You may see these on your dash when your car is due for service.  Starting in 2006, most BMWs went from following a traditional mileage based service to a conditioned based service program.  Condition Based Service, ensures your BMW only receives attention when it needs it, saving you time and money.

 Oil Change

  • Engine oil and oil filter changed
  • BMW Full Synthetic Oil Service Starting at $69.95

 Vehicle Check

  • Comprehensive check
  • Exterior panel and under-body for corrosion and damage
  • Tires, steering, and shock absorbers
  • Electrical systems including battery, headlights and indication field lighting
  • Scan vehicle for faults
  • Lubricate door seals, sunroof and convertible top mechanisms
  • Safety including brakes and seat belts
  • Check coolant and fluid levels
  • Replace required filters

 Rear Brakes

  • Replace brake pads and wear sensors
  • Replace brake discs if worn to recommended change point

 Brake Fluid

  • Replace brake fluid every two years: brake fluid is hygroscopic (absorbs moisture) and so its performance deteriorates over time causing damage to the ABS system and reduced stopping power.

 Front Brakes

  • Replace brake pads and wear sensors
  • Replace brake discs if worn to recommended change point

 Spark Plugs

  • Replace worn or defective spark plugs to ensure optimum performance, fuel economy and low emissions
  • Replacement spark plugs will improve engine performance and avoid any chance of engine misfire
  • Recommended at 60,000 miles (45,000 for turbo charged motors)

 Micro Filters

  • Replace micro filter/pollen filter in heating or air conditioning system to prevent pollen or dust entering through the vents
  • Micro filters trap 80% of pollen and traffic fumes maintaining a pleasant passenger environment.

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