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North Shore Motor Werks intake valve carbon cleaning service.

Carbon buildup is very common on the Turbo Charged N54 N20 N26  BMW motors found in the 135, 335, 535, X5 and X3.  The buildup is usually significant by 50,000 miles. Carbon cleaning is done by literally blasting the intake valves with fine walnut shells through the use of a special adapter.

Once intake valves and runners are cleaned, what will you end up feeling in the driver’s seat?  Better throttle response, fuel economy, and more overall.

Starting at $550 for most BMW and Mini Motors.



Oil filter housing seal Leaking.

A common Oil leak that has plagued BMWs for the past 20 years is the leaking of the oil filter housing seal.  This seal sits between the cylinder head and oil filter housing on the six cylinder BMW motors from 2006 on (and located on the block on the early six cylinder BMW motors). Over time, this gasket becomes brittle and a substantial oil leak develops.  We offer this repair at a significant savings over what the dealerships charge.

BMW Six cylinder motors 1992-2006 $370.00

BMW six cylinder motors 2006- on non Turbo $160.00

BMW six cylinder Turbo Charged 2006 – on $470.00

Call for pricing on motorsport and turbo charged motors.

Top three Common Failures on BMWs driven in the Boston area.  

Wear and tear to suspension components caused by the road conditions in the northeast are a given.  We have also seen an extremely high failure rate of coolant expansion tanks, transfer cases, and crank case breather systems.

The coolant expansion tank is the coolant reservoir on BMWs. These are made of plastic and exposed to high operating temperatures and pressure in the BMW cooling system.  Over time, the seams on the plastic tanks will split and leak.  The leak can be very slow, or all of the coolant can leak out at once depending on the failure. If the expansion tank has not been replaced on your BMW, consider it.

In New England, a four wheel drive vehicle gets you though the harsh winters. A crucial component to giving your BMW all-wheel drive capability is the transfer case. This transfer case uses a variable clutch pack that wears and contaminates the fluid in the unit.  Once the vehicle is out of warranty, many repair shops lack the capability to check and service the transfer case.  The fluid change is only prompted by a fault in the transfer case computer.  This fault can only be read by specialized diagnostic equipment such as an Autologic or BMW ISID.  Transfer Case services are usually required by 80,000 miles.

Crank case breather:

Crank Case breather failure is caused by the sticking or clogging of the crank case vent valve. This component in earlier BMW motors is located underneath the intake manifold. On later BMW and MINI Coopers this system is integrated in the valve cover.  When the vent valve fails your BMW or MINI will have increased oil consumption, and excessive crank case vacuum. Staying on top of oil changes and driving the vehicle for twenty minutes or more at operating temperature greatly reduces the chance of failure.

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